Things to Enjoy On a Orange County Party Bus

Orange County is one of the most beautiful counties of California, USA. It attracts millions of tourists to its classic picnic and party destinations. It houses many beautiful towns, theme parks, beaches, beautiful farms like Knott’s berry farm, and so on. Disneyland is one of such world class attraction of this county. There are many beautiful beaches on the west coast; few of them are Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Dana Point. Awesome mountains, beautiful farms and ongoing corporate activities are other major attractions, which make it most dynamic county of western coast.

Orange County party bus services and limousine services are few fantastic and incredible value-additions to your fun, entertainment and excitement. Orange county party bus service is very suitable for those groups that comprise from 10 to about 50 people. This is not just a travelling in bus but it live-party all the way through your travelling; you enjoy tens of amenities inside the bus providing you the lavishness and fun of your vacation. These party buses house best quality leather seats, big screen TVs, complementary drinks, refreshments, stripper poles, music, hi-fi sound systems, and many more.

You can enjoy town nightlife, beaches, games, Disney World, farms and many other things by travelling through the luxurious party buses all the way. Travelling through these lavish vehicles would make your mood focused on your vacations by making your travelling so enjoyable and leaving no fatigue impact on your body and mood. The serving staff is very well trained, professionally groomed and highly caring towards their guests and customers.

Orange County party bus service is not only suitable for those people who are there for partying and picnic but also for those corporate delegations and other visiting guests to make their experience incredible and memorable. Orange County houses big corporate offices of fortune 500; a huge number of corporate delegations and seminars always keep going, which makes it very dynamic socio-economic area of the State. It makes great impression on experience of a client, guest or delegate to have picked them from airports to their hotels and seminar destinations. You can make your customers feel at home while serving them with party buses, and thus; best results of business can be achieved and an everlasting impression is left on the minds of your guests and clients.

There are many different types of party bus services in the area of Orange County; they make different types of offers to their clients. These offers include different value added services like price packages, different payment plans, and easy pick and drop programs. You can book better services by scrutinizing different aspects of the services, which may include customer reviews about the company you are considering to. You should also have good detailed information about the additional services provided by company and at the same time you should also get information about skills and attitude of the staff who will serve you or your guest.

A well selected Orange County party bus will sure leave long lasting memories of fun and excitement of your vacation or party.

Finding a Party Bus Rental

A party bus rental can be both a fun and luxurious method of transportation for a large group of people. Most party buses are equipped with a number of great amenities and features that can help turn what would be an ordinary trip into a rockin’ party on wheels! This article will take a look at how to go about finding the best possible party bus rental for any occasion.

Party buses are available in almost any shape or size that you could imagine. You can find smaller ones with a capacity of 10 or 12 people, all the way to larger mega buses that can hold over 80 people. So the first step in choosing a party bus (or limo bus as they are also called) is to figure out how many people will be joining you. In most cases, the size of the vehicle you need to rent will effect the price so you may not want to go with a 70 passenger vehicle when you only need room for 20 people.

You’ll also find a number of very cool features and amenities on party buses these days. It seems like companies are trying to out do one another to come up with the biggest and baddest limo bus out there. Most vehicles will come with standard things such as washrooms, sound systems, limo style seating and party lighting but you may come across vehicles that try to go the extra mile to impress. Such things as light up dance floors, karaoke machines, multiple TVs, private VIP rooms, multiple wet bar areas, personal hosts and DJs, or even areas for live bands to set up and play music!

Before calling or emailing for a reservation you should always have an idea of how long you will need the rental for and how far you will be traveling. You will also want to double check and ask to make sure that the company you are renting from has the appropriate licensing and insurance to operate a party bus in your region. It is also highly recommended that you get a contract in writing which outlines the entire agreement including costs and what happens if there are damages or any other issues that might arise. These things are all done to ensure the safety of you and the rest of your passengers and to make sure that you are protected and that do not get taken advantage of.

So here is hoping that your party bus rental goes off without a hitch and that you and your entire group has a fun and memorable time without any problems.

Rent Chicago Party Bus Services for Your Bachelor Party

Chicago is the largest city in the Illinois state. It is the biggest city in Midwest with nearly 3 million people residing in it’s area and 7 more million living in it’s suburbs. Chicago is located mainly in one county: Cook county, but some small parts extend over the DuPage county. Chicago was found as an industrial city and grew up into a cultural, business, transportation and financial center in central USA.

While in Chicago, don’t forget to visit it’s biggest building: The Willis Tower, also hop into the famous museums: Museum of Science and industry, The Field Museum, Museum of contemporary Arts. There are so many cultural activities in the Windy city not only for tourists, but also for it’s residents. Make sure to walk around in the millennium park and go to the beach at Lake Michigan.

For those that are planning a bachelor or bachelorette night in Chicago there are many activities to do at night. Do you have all the list of places where to go and what bars to visit? You can add more fun to your party by renting a limo bus to transport your group form one side of the city to another comfortably and in style. Many Chicago companies have special packages for such parties and can help you improve your party and help you save.

There is a wide selection of bars, caffes, clubs and restaurants in the Windy City. However, you might feel lost when it comes to choosing the best ones for your party. If you book a bachelor party package, most likely there will be included extras such as entrance to Chicago’s most famous clubs like Excalibur or Sound-bar and reserved table seating.

Looking for a limo company in such a busy city might be a difficult task at first. There are hundreds of limo service providers in Chicago. You do not want to call multiple companies just to find out if they offer party packages or deals. What you should do is to narrow your search criteria. Be specific about which bars you are interested in or what party bus you need. There are different types of party buses available in the Windy City so that you can get as many people as you like and have the amenities of your choice.

In the limo bus you can pre-party all you want. A party bus is a spacious private area where you can relax and have your own party going on. Most of the buses have light systems installed, lasers and strobe lights. Also, they have coolers stacked with drinks for your and your friends convenience. Also, most of the buses have plasma tvs, professional sound stereo system and a dance area. Some come with extra additions as disco ceilings and floors, mirrors, neons and styled cupholders just to entertain you. Everything is made for the customer to be happy and excited.

Renting a Party Bus is really convenient. Since you want all of your friends to stick together and you don’t want anyone drunk driving, a chauffeured limo bus is the vehicle to go with. In this way, everybody will be safe and your friends will be thankful to you. Moreover, you will hit that club in style and glamour. You will arrive like a VIP and have that bus waiting for you while you have fun at the bar.

There are many of limousine companies in Chicago. Some specialize in airport shuttle, some only work with corporate accounts and some specialize in parties. However, there are some that offer all the services. Elite Chicago Limo is one of them. You can rent a limo bus for your bachelors party, wedding SUV for the next day and an airport shuttle for your transportation to the airport for the honeymoon. When looking for a limo company in Chicago, search for one like this one.

Atlanta Party Bus Tips

Down south is the big A. Atlanta is a growing city that is leading the rest of the South, especially when it comes to partying. Some of the biggest names in hip-hop frequent Atlanta. Hit up the biggest clubs and you might catch some of the most recognizable faces in the industry. As we can only dream of such a lifestyle, the next best thing is to at least, well party like a rockstar!

Regardless of venue, the ultimate way to get around is in an Atlanta party bus. No doubt, these are the new limos of the 2000s. Accommodating your party of over 15 has never been easier with a party bus limousine. Party buses allow you to get down all night long with a fully stocked bar driven by some of the coolest chauffeurs you will ever meet. Any reasonable request can be fulfilled, in conjunction with, of course, the most pristine level of service. Since no one is designated driver, everyone gets to have fun without worries.

Party buses can feature some of the most entertaining amenities, including 3 full bars, mirror ceilings with lights, a booming sound system, plasma tvs, and more. Keep the party going even when roaming from club to club.

Here are some tips to booking and renting a party bus limo in Atlanta:

1) Book early. The earlier, the better. Party buses are limited and most limo companies don’t even have these on-site. They usually have to call in and get the bus from someone else. It’s a good idea to go with a limo company that maintains their own.

2) Examine and visit the limo company. Before booking, it is a very good idea to check out the party bus you will be getting. Make sure to ask any and all questions that come into mind. They should be more than happy to give you a tour.

3) Ask about amenities included. Many party buses come with plasma TVs, DVD/CD players, fiber optic lightings, mirrors, a fully stocked bar, and more! If there is a specific amenity you need, be sure to ask.

4) Make sure the limo company you decide to go with carries a license and is fully insured. The recommended minimum is $1.5 Million per vehicle.

5) Be courteous and respectful of the party bus. It is great to have fun, but treat the ride as if you owned it. Any damages to the amenities can cost the party organizer.

Follow these easy tips and your party bus experience will always be remembered. Atlanta and party buses are a great mix. With common sense and these tips in mind, you can be assured of a great night of partying, even on the roads of Atlanta.

7 Tips For Renting A Party Bus

So, are you looking for a party bus? If you are on this page, chances are that you don’t know how to rent one. The tips given below can make it easier for you. You need to consider a lot of things before you choose one. If you are going to hire a party bus for the first time, you may be a bit worried. However, by following the advice given in this article, you can make the best choice. Read on to know more.

1. Plan in Advance

Party buses are quite popular in the here and now. If you going to attend a public event, such as a concert or sports event, you won’t be the only one looking for a bus. Therefore, it’s important that you book a vehicle in advance. Ideally, you may want to book the bus at least two weeks before the big day.

2. Opt for the right Vehicle

The first thing that you need to consider is the number of people who are going to attend the event. This is really important as you don’t need a vehicle that can’t accommodate all the people who want to go with you. Before you pick one, make sure count the heads.

3. Plan your Destination

While this is obvious, make sure you plan your destination ahead of the day. You need to let your driver know about it. This will help the driver choose the best route so you can get to the destination as soon as possible. After all, you don’t have a lot of time to waste.

4. Figure out the total Cost

Before you rent a bus, don’t forget to understand the hourly rate. Most people rent a vehicle as a group in order to divide the cost. Therefore, if you are the group leader, make sure you know the total cost. Once you have the figure, make sure you let everyone know about it.

5. Take beverages with you

If your group consists of only adults, chances are that you are going to enjoy adult beverages as well. If you are in Pennsylvania, for instance, know that the company won’t provide the drinks. Therefore, you should bring your own beverages.

6. Bring snacks along

On average, most buses are rented out for at least 8 hours. So, you may get hungry during the journey. Even if you have the arrangements for dinner, you may still need to have snacks with you. So, make sure you keep this in mind.

7. You may have to extend the rental

Most bus rental get extended by half an hour. Therefore, when planning, make sure you assume that you may need to extend the rental. This will help you figure out the total cost as no one would like surprise costs.

Long story short, these are a few tips that you may want to follow when renting the best party bus to meet your needs. With proper planning, you can make the selection a lot easier and convenient. Hope this helps.

What’s a Party Bus?

If your friends are talking about renting a party bus, but you’re not sure exactly what this is and what it is all about, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you a brief introduction to the world of party buses and help explain to you why this amazing mode of transportation is becoming one of the hottest ways to travel with a large group of people.

So, what’s a party bus you may ask? Well, for those of you who are not familiar with these vehicles, they are essentially a normal bus (sometimes it might be a school bus, sometimes it may be a charter bus) that has had the seats taken out and has been turned into what can only be described as a massive limousine. Some of these vehicles have to be seen to be believed and contain all kinds of awesome features and amenities on board.

Here is a look at some of the cool things you might find on any random party bus around the world:

Washrooms (a must for those long trips where lots of drinks are being consumed)
Dance floors and dancing poles for anyone who is looking to get their groove on!
Custom sound systems with massive wattage, iPod connectivity or CD players.
Crazy lighting systems that give the vehicle a real club atmosphere. You might see everything from strobe lights, laser lights, disco lights and fiber optic lighting.
TVs, DVD Players and even Satellite TV if you are on the road and want to watch the big game.
Bars and fridges to give you a place to keep your drinks cool and then mix up your favorite cocktails.

As you can see from some of the things above, these rides are equipped with a huge number of great amenities that are designed to ensure that you have a comfortable and entertaining ride the whole way through. These are just some of the more basic features that you might find too. There are some limo buses (as they are also called) out there that have even crazier things on board. Such as live bands, hot tubs, arcades and anything you can think of.

Similar to a limousine service, another reason that makes this such a great way to travel is that in most countries and states you can drink alcohol on board which makes your journey that much more fun. In addition to this, you won’t have to worry about finding a designated driver for the evening or finding public transportation to get you home.

All in all, a party bus is a unique way to travel with a big group of people and an experience that will give you a lot of fun and many memories.

Top Reasons To Look Into Party Bus Rentals

Planning a big night on the town can turn into a big pain in the neck when more than a few people are involved. Between selecting where to go and what to do, few adults have the time to think about who will serve as the designated driver or drivers. When party bus rentals are considered, this concern is eliminated and quite a few other perks are delivered, as well.

Looking into party bus rentals makes sense for everything from prom night to bachelor parties and beyond. Whether the party is in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or elsewhere, these buses can really help ensure the fun continues without any hassle.

Some of the top reasons to look into party bus rentals for small-to-medium-sized parties include:

· Convenience. It is often much easier to look into party bus rentals than to try and figure out who will do the driving. When these services are used, it is even possible to make arrangements for everyone in the party to be picked up and then dropped back off at their own homes at the end of the evening. It doesn’t get easier than that.

· Onboard entertainment. The rules of the road for drinking in regard to party bus rentals might vary from state to state, but the fact of the matter is the fun can continue en route. With many party bus rentals offering onboard restrooms, TV/DVD combos and rather nice sound systems, getting there can be half the fun.

· Professional drivers. Party bus rentals always come with professional drivers at the wheel. This takes worry out of the proposition and puts the burden of dealing with traffic on a pro who knows how to handle the job. In big cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas, this can be a real big hassle that’s instantly removed. In some cases, party bus rentals come with drivers who also know how to jazz up the ride by providing tour information, onboard entertainment and more.

· Logistical simplicity. It is infinitely easier to put an entire party onto a bus and have everyone stay together at multiple stops along the way. When party bus rentals are used, everyone arrives at the same time.

· Economical. In most cases, it is very economical to look at party bus rentals versus driving a number of private vehicles. When the hassles that are removed from a party are considered, the cost savings really can amount to a lot.

· Safer. When adults are looking at party bus rentals for big occasions, it is generally just plain smart and a whole lot safer to let someone else drive. This ensures that everyone can have a good time and leave the concerns about drinking behind. When door-to-door service is added into the mix, the benefits really add up.

Party bus rentals in California, Georgia and elsewhere make a great deal of sense for small parties and large. When getting there is half the fun, these rentals can very much shine.

Choose a Party Bus for a Celebration on Wheels

For just about any celebration you can imagine, a party bus brings more fun to the event. You can find a range of bus sizes, so whether your party is small and intimate or large and lively, there is a party bus that is the right size for your plans and budget. You can also choose between casual and elegant, depending on the vehicle you select. This form of transportation can transform any event or evening!


There are some more familiar, traditional uses for a party bus, including the bachelor party, the bachelorette party, or the wedding event itself. For these events, the party bus provides safety and a good time as you and your wedding party travel in style. And if it suits your style, the bus offers a slightly different atmosphere than travel by limo.


High school seniors can enjoy traveling to and from the prom with their friends. The rented bus provides a great way for friends going to the prom to travel in style for their big night. They can get all dressed up and arrive safely at their prom destination. The cost is more easily managed with all the couples pitching in on the rental. And the rented vehicle provides some peace of mind for parents, knowing that no one is making the dangerous decision to drink and drive.

Birthday Celebrations

Choosing a bus for a birthday party can add excitement and fun to the birthday celebration. The bus itself becomes part of the birthday party. Whether you are traveling to a club or restaurant, a bowling alley, or putt-putt course, the party bus provides a fun way to kick off your special day. For traveling to an activity like bowling or putt-putt, you can participate in the activity and then board the bus for food, drinks, and cake. For special kid-friendly fun, why not hire a magician to provide party entertainment on the bus while you’re traveling to the party location?

Formal Events

Does your church group need to travel to a special event such as a meeting, a musical, or a drama? Consider renting a bus for the trip. You can enjoy the camaraderie of traveling together and arriving as a group at your event.

It can be a smart business decision to rent a bus for corporate promotions and special company events. This transportation is well suited for all sorts of corporate events. Consider a rental next time you and your employees need to travel together.

Family and Friends
Why not plan a party bus for the next family reunion? Load up the family and take a driving tour around the hometown. Map out a planned route that includes a drive-by of certain businesses and homes that hold special meaning for family members.

Is your city or town rich in history? Plan an evening of wine and music aboard a rented bus where you tour the historic locations in your town. This kind of event might be especially suited for senior citizens who enjoy getting out without the strain of a long walk.

Party Bus Services

Throw your party together in a convenient, safe way when you look into party bus services. Party bus services are specially created and maintained by people like you who want to have a good time and keep your big group together. Find a party bus that can accommodate your whole group and keep everyone safe.

Can’t figure out whether you should get a limo or a party bus for your incredible night out? A big part of that decision depends on the size of your group and whether you want to be limited to the low ceiling in a limousine. SUV limos can be more comfortable than the traditional limo, but let’s face it – it’s not nearly as comfortable as a party bus with its higher ceilings and more room to move around in. You have a lot more space with party bus services to get up and talk with the other people in your group, rather than being stuck next to just a few people in the limo.

Look for party bus services that have loud and bright entertainment systems that will keep the party going strong as you travel from one destination to another. No matter where you are going, with party bus services, the fun never stop as you travel from dinner to the club, concert or other location. Best of all, all of your friends can party and have a good time with party bus services and no one is stuck with the responsibility of driving everyone from spot to spot. This safety should be the top priority no matter when you and your friends party, but with the party bus services you have nothing to worry about!

Keeping all of your friends together for a night out can be a nightmare if everyone is in separate cars. With party bus services, you can keep everyone together and not lose half of your party mysteriously from one destination to the next. You can find professional chauffeurs that are there to help you throughout your party bus services. Before you book your party bus services, make sure that you are with a reliable and professional service that has fully insured and licensed drivers for your protection. Make sure that their insurance covers both the vehicle and the passengers as well. You will want roughly $1 million in insurance coverage at the bare minimum to cover your guests on your party bus services.

Why Your Wedding Might Include A Bus Party Rental

A Bus Party Rental is one of the BEST ways for you to create a memorable experience when staging a stag party, team party or even a kids party. Utilizing a Bus Party Rental can not only be lot of fun for you and your guests but a Bus Party Rental can also be one of the safest modes of transportation during an event includes alcoholic beverages.

A bus party rental will save you the worries of wondering if one of your carloads of friends is travelling with someone who’s had to much to drink, and a bus party rental also ensures that no one gets lost while getting to one of your destinations. Everyone is all in one place enjoying themselves, while safely travelling under the guidance of an experienced bus party rental driver.

Forget imitation party buses, expensive limos or trying to find your own way around a city. Check in your city for a “Bus Party Rental” company that specializes in bus party rentals, almost EVERY city has one! Then, you don’t just have a boring old bus charter company but the ultimate party bus! Many of them include lightshows, state-of-the-art sound systems and often times – lots of room for dancing! We’ve even seen bus party rentals with a dance pole for those of you that like to get a little crazy!

One of the best reasons to find a bonafide bus party rental company is that the good ones have established relationships with the top bars and nightclubs in your city, so bus party rental passengers can enjoy benefits of VIP treatment like no cover charges or long lines.

I have even used a bus party rental for a stag with 30 of my drunk friends to get into the ritziest club in Vancouver! It took some planning, but I got the bus party rental lined up 1st, then called the club 2 months in advance and instead of telling them I’d like to bring a “Stag Party” to their club(which they would have said NO WAY” to, I told them I had a group of foreign exchange students visiting our fine city and would like to bring them there.

The bus party rental company wasn’t aware of this fact either and it allowed us to bring 30 guys “on a stag” into the fanciest club in our city at the time. Naturally we only lasted an hour before they figured out we weren’t foreign exchange students after all, but at least we had our bus party rental waiting outside for us.